Kjernefasiliteten for DNA-sekvensering tilbyr rensing og sekvenseringanalyse av dine egne sekvensreaksjoner. Vi tilbyr også fragmentanalyse.

Anders Jonas Leithe
Telefon: 776 45604
Rom: MH L6.202A
E-mail: sekvenslab@unn.no

Marijke Van Ghelue
Telefon: 776 45859
E-mail: marijke.van.ghelue@unn.no

Utfyllende informasjon (på engelsk) / Detailed information (english)

The DNA sequencing core facility is equipped with two Applied Biosystems 3130xl Genetic Analyzers. We offer purification/precipitation and DNA sequencing analysis of your own generated sequence reactions. In addition, we offer fragment analysis.

Estimated turnover rate is one to two business days (if samples are delivered before noon).

Sample delivery
Room L6202A (plan 6) in MH-bygget.

- Each tube must be labeled with a short code (preferably your initials) plus a number
- Only use tubes in strips. Single tubes will not be accepted
- Fill in the required fields on the requisition form. Requisitions can be found at the sequencing lab.
- Place your samples in the refrigerator
o Sequences: Top shelf
o Fragments: Middle shelf

For samples sent by mail:

- Label your samples and fill out the requisition form as above
- Cover your samples with parafilm or equivalent
- Use padded envelopes

Delivery address:

DNA sekvenseringslab
v/ Anders Jonas Leithe
Medisinsk Genetisk avdeling
Universitetssykehuset Nord Norge HF
MH-bygget, plan 6.
9037 Tromsø

Cost of sequencing services

Current rates for sequencing and fragment analysis:

  • Precipitation and running of sequencing product: NOK 40,- /reaction
  • Fragment analysis: NOK 20,- /reaction
  • Big Dye v3.1 (including 5X Sequencing buffer): NOK 590,- (52µL)


BigDye v3.1 Sequencing Protocol

Results and software
Your completed sequencing results will be made available to you by e-mail.
For viewing, editing and printing your sequencing results, you`ll need appropriate software.
 Software download:
Sequence Scanner Software

We offer use of these real-time PCR instruments:

  • Applied Biosystems 7900HT
  • Stratagene Mx3000P


For more information contact:
Marijke Van Ghelue
E-mail: marijke.van.ghelue@unn.no
Phone: 776 45859


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