User participation in quality work, research and innovation


User participation is a strategy to ensure broad participation in decision-making processes. User participation must contribute to health services being better adapted to the patient and user, both in terms of design and implementation - for each individual and at the group level. 

There is a demand for user participation from almost everyone who finances research and innovation projects in the field of health in Norway. In projects funded by Helse Nord or UNN, there are clear requirements for real user participation throughout the project. 

Guidance in user participation 

KFA offers guidance in user participation. You can get guidance on user participation for the whole life of your project; in the very earliest phase, when it is essential to find good models for user participation for your research project, during the grant application processes, along the way if there is disagreement about the direction to take, and towards the end of the project when you have to find good methods for implementation and/or change of practice. 

We can also provide advice on the recruitment of participants for studies, and on the language to be used in forms and information materials.    

More guidance and information on user participation can be found here. ​