​​Ordering, delivery and storage of data

This guideline applies to the ordering, delivery and storage of data, where Helse Nord IKT is the supplier. The order follows the process description in Docmap PB1419, Nye tjenester. 


What is Nye tjenester? 

Nye tjenester is the receiving unit for the deliveries of new and updated services in Helse Nord IKT and follows a process introduction loop. Nye tjenester is commissioned financed, i.e. projects are invoiced for the time used. 

How does the person reporting the need go about ordering from Nye tjenester? 

The requester (project manager) reports the need for ordering, delivery and storage of data to the health institution's ICT orderer. The requester clarifies approval from management, REK, and PVO, financing/costs, contact person with decision-making authority, and contact person from the enterprise. Orders to Nye tjenester are handled by the ICT purchaser in the Ordering Portal [Bestillerportalen] on behalf of the requester. 

When the order is made from UNN, it can be done by contacting Digital services and technology via the email address UNN-ESI-digitale-tjenester-teknologi@unn.no. Internal users from UNN can read more about this on the intranet

The various phases in Nye tjenester 

Nye tjenester follow a process consisting of various phases and decision points, as the simplified diagram here illustrates (in Norwegian): 

Decision points and phases

Solution design 

In the solution design, the data source, where it is delivered, file format and data storage are agreed upon and documented. 


A technical ROS is carried out in connection with solution design, and sent together with the offer to the contact person with decision-making authority. A technical ROS can also be obtained from the ICT orderer on request. Functional ROS is handled by the health institution. 


An offer is sent in Elements, with a requirement for a signature from the specified contact person with decision-making authority. The offer includes an estimated hourly charge for the assignment in Nye tjenester, and technical ROS. 

Who ensures the prioritization of the assignments in Nye tjenester? 

The Regional Prioritization Council is a composite council, consisting of ICT orderers in the health organizations and representatives in Helse Nord ICT. The Prioritization Council takes as its starting point registered requests via Nye tjenester and decides the order in which the assignments are to be started.