Data management plan


Data management plan 

A data management plan is a plan for how data will be collected, processed, archived, and shared. This plan should describe the process for how data is handled throughout the project's lifespan. 

UiT, UNN, and research funders such as the Research Council of Norway and the European Research Council require that data management plans are created for research projects. It is recommended that all other types of projects also create such a plan. 

Data management plans should be followed according to guidelines in one's own institutions. For example, UNN has a SOP (standard operating procedure) for data management and UiT has a guideline

Available resources for designing a data management plan 

The research data portal at UiT provides information on planning, processing, storage, archiving and sharing of research data, including recommendations on how a data management plan should be drawn up at UiT. 

Information on data management and services from the Clinical Research Department at UNN can be found here

The clinical research department at UNN has also designed an SOP (standard operating procedure https://boo-hndcm-01.hn.helsenord.no/DocMapProd/page/doc/dmDocIndex.html?DOCKEYID=1000004310) https://boo-hndcm-01.hn.helsenord.no/DocMapProd/page/doc/dmDocIndex.html?DOCKEYID=1000004310for data handling regarding research projects and clinical studies. This is only available via UNN's intranet, but it is also possible to have it sent by contacting the Clinical Research Department via kliniskforskningsavdeling@unn.no

NORCrin has also designed an SOP for clinical trials