Cooperation agreements and rights


This sub-chapter is based directly on points 5-6 in the agreement between UNN HF and the Faculty of Health at UiT for research projects.​ 

On the implementation of collaborative projects and the creation of collaborative agreements 

The project manager must ensure that a written contract is entered into with the funding source and the collaborating parties. In simple projects where only UNN and the Faculty of Health at UiT are partners, this agreement may be sufficient as a collaboration agreement. In larger projects, an ordinary cooperation agreement must be entered into. If the external funding source is the Research Council of Norway or the EU, their standard templates are used. Otherwise, the project manager decides which agreement template is to be used. 

If it is relevant to use a subcontractor, the individual partner is responsible for entering into agreements with subcontractors, and for their deliveries not to conflict with the collaboration agreement or agreement with the funding source. 

The project must be carried out in accordance with the project description, and progress and financing plans, and otherwise in accordance with agreements in the project, relevant quality standards, laws and other public regulations. 

General information on rights 

As a general rule, each of the parties becomes the owner of all the results and other intellectual property rights created by their employees and/or their resources in the project. As a general rule, the parties must also have the right of use, free of charge, during the project period to project results that are necessary for the implementation of their own work in the project. Furthermore, it is also common for the partners to have the right to free use of all project results for their own teaching and research purposes. Other provisions regarding the exploitation of joint results, publication, confidentiality, etc. will be subject to negotiation between the parties in the collaboration agreement. 

Authorship and co-authorship must be based on the criteria in the currently applicable version of the Vancouver Protocol on authorship of scientific publications. 

The parties are responsible for clarifying who is the data controller under the Personal Data Act and the General Data Protection Regulation, including responsibility for the storage of research data. In the case of joint responsibility for processing, the responsibility between the parties must be stipulated in a separate agreement pursuant to Article 26 of the General Data Protection Regulation. ​

Should cooperation with an industry partner be subject to competitive bidding? 

Larger public procurements are usually put out to tender. There is, however, the possibility of exceptions for research and development services, cf. Regulations on public procurement [Forskrift om offentlige anskaffelser] § 2-5. In projects where the plan is to collaborate with an industrial partner, legal assistance should be obtained in one's own organisation.