Completion of the project and final report​​


The processing of health and personal data in research and other projects is of a temporary nature. At the end of the project, information, documents and human biological material must be properly stored for the long term, anonymised or deleted/destroyed in line with .the conditions that were stipulated when approval was granted by the data protection officer and/or REK. 

If the project is carried out based on a decision from REK, the project manager must send a final notification on a separate form to REK no later than six months after the approval period has expired, cf. Health Research Act [Helseforskningsloven] § 12. If the project is not initiated or completed, the project manager must also send notification of this via the final report form. 

The project must be registered as completed where it is registered, for example helsenorge.no, Clinicaltrials.gov etc. 

The project must also be registered as completed with both PVO and/or SIKT, if the project is approved there. 

In the event of a research biobank, the project manager must apply to REK for permission to terminate, close or take over the research biobank. 

Final reports [Sluttmeldinger og sluttrapporter] must be archived on the project's file in the archive system, Elements (maintained by the Clinical Research Department and PVO). 

Final report to funding source ​

The project manager is encouraged to note the learning points when completing the project in the final report. What were the learning points when implementing the project? What challenges arose and how were they resolved? What did you learn from this? How can future pitfalls or challenges be avoided? Was there anything other stakeholders taught you? What suggestions for improvements for the implementation of the project do you have? Did any of the learning points have a direct impact on the project itself? How? What are your recommendations? 

Deletion/anonymization and destruction of research data 

When the project ends, data must be processed in line with the stipulated approvals and conditions (for example from REK). The project manager is responsible for ensuring that research data areanonymised, deleted or stored long-term in line with decisions from REK or other bodies. 

It is not acceptable to to use research data in other projects without new approvals first being obtained. 

At the end of projects anchored at UNN, the project manager must inform the data protection officer by sending a notice of termination and information about deletion/anonymization to personvernombuder@unn.no  

Relevant routines in DOCMAP (only available via the intranet): ​

End of research project - [PR23537]   

Long-term storage of research data - [PR23538] 

https://boo-hndcm-01.hn.helsenord.no/DocMapProd/page/doc/dmDocIndex.html?DOCKEYID=535366 ​