Coronavirus: Information to patients, next of kin and visitors

If you are sick and need medical assistance, please contact your GP (fastlege), or the emergency room (legevakt), phone number 116 117. The medical emergency line (113) is reserved for life threatening situations.

Patients scheduled for treatment or surgery

  • Some of the planned operations and consultations are cancelled due to the Corona outbreak. If your surgery or appointment is cancelled, someone from the hospital will contact you.

  • If you do not hear anything from us, please show up as planned.

  • If you are quarantined, in isolation, or sick, get in touch with the hospital to cancel your appointment.

  • If you have doubts on whether you should come to the hospital – please contact us before arrival.

These rules apply to both patients and companions. You will find the phone number to the department where you have an appointment in the summons letter. You can also look up the department on our website:

New visitation rules

Next of kin may now visit, but we cannot let too many in at the same time. Therefore, there will still be visiting restrictions and access control at the hospital entrances.

New visitation rules as of Friday June 5th at 08.00 can be found here.

Information for the pregnant/women in labour

When contacting one of our maternity wards, you will be asked if you have been exposed to the Corona virus or if you are sick. If you are sick, or there is a possibility that you may be sick, a midwife will instruct you on how to get to the hospital, what to do when you get here, and what to do during your stay at the maternity ward.

Patients with Corona - or suspected Corona -  will be separated from other patients and pregnant women.

The maternity wards are closed to all visitors except the partner, who may attend the birth.

  • Partners with respiratory symptoms cannot attend birth

  • Partners cannot attend cesarean sections in the operating room

  • Partners cannot be present in the maternity ward after birth

  • Partners cannot participate in policlinical consultations. This also applies to ultrasound and policlinical visits in the evenings, at nights, or during weekends

  • Partners cannot attend if the mother-to-be is admitted for observation, or if labour has been initiated

  • Partners must restrict their movement within the hospital to a minimum

  • We recommend that mother and child are admitted to the hospital until they are properly examined and treated

  • The psychosocial team are currently unavailable

  • Breastfeeding will take place as usual, provided that the mother is not ill. You will receive breastfeeding assistance before leaving, if necessary at home. 

We ask for your understanding for carrying out these measures, and we will do our best to ensure that the birth and your stay at the maternity ward is a safe and a good experience, as far as this very special situation allows for.

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