North Sea HPB Symposium 2017

Kurs og kompetanseutvikling for helsepersonell, 14.06.2017-17.06.2017

The overriding aim of the symposium is to promote research networks and collaboration in the field of liver- and pancreatic surgery.

(Photo: Merethe Hanssen)


Wednesday 14 June 
Chartered buss from Tromsø airport to Sommarøy approximately at 17:30 (takes 45 min)
Opening dinner at 19.00 hrs

Thursday 15 June 
Scientific program I and II
Boat trip/fishing/hiking/skiing

Friday 16 June 
Boat trip/fishing/hiking/skiing
Scientific program III and IV
Closing dinner 

Saturday 17 June
Breakfast and departure
Chartered buss from Sommarøy to airport/Tromsø city approximately at 09:30 (takes 45 min)

We hope to have a limited group of dedicated participants (30-40 in total) to facilitate informal discussions and have a lax schedule to allow for extended chats over coffee or during hikes. 

We will favour short talks and easy-going discussions about trials and plans for research, perspectives on treatment and selection. The program will concentrate on areas where the geographical and cultural nexus of the North Sea countries could be used as an advantage in future HPB research and collaboration. Some of these are: 

  • Quality: what is it and how do we measure it?
  • Expanding indications, the "grey zone" and the challenge of overtreatment
  • Population based registries: the new gold of the North Sea 
  • When the cash flow stops: economy, sustainability, resources, global perspectives
  • Improving outcomes: new aspects of perioperative care

Når og hvor

Sommarøya outside Tromsø
The Gastrointestinal Surgery departments at the University Hospital Northern Norway, Tromsø and Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet, in collaboration with the HPB section of the Norwegian GI Cancer Group (NGICG-HPB). 
For further information please contact secretariat head Ms Connie Hoel at:

(photo: Linda Tofteng Eliassen)

Confirmed international participants: 

  • John Primrose (Southampton), 
  • Steve Wigmore (Edinburgh) - bevilget av tannlege Olaf Aase og frues minneforelesning
  • Ewen Harrison (Edinburgh) 
  • Kees Dejong (Maastricht)
  • Roland Andersson (Lund)

The symposium is hosted by:

The Gastrointestinal Surgery departments at the University Hospital Northern Norway, Tromsø and Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet, in collaboration with the HPB section of the Norwegian GI Cancer Group (NGICG-HPB).


  • Kim Mortensen
  • Kristoffer Lassen
  • Bjørn Atle Bjørnbeth
Welcome to Tromsø!

(Photo: Linda Tofteng Eliassen) 
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